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These General Conditions regulate the use (including mere simple access) of this web site of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o., including the contents and services made available herein. Any person who enters this web site is considered a “User” and expressly, automatically and voluntarily agrees to be bound by the General Conditions every time the User enters said web site, as well as by any specific conditions which may be applicable.

FORTUNA YUH s.r.o., under all circumstances, at any time and with no need for prior notification, reserves the right to modify the structure and design of the web site; modify or remove contents or services; and to change the conditions of access and/or use of the web site

Use of the web site
Unless otherwise specified in the Specific Conditions, use of the web site shall be free, without detriment to the cost of connection over the corresponding telecommunications network providing the User with access.

The User is aware and voluntarily and expressly accepts that use of the web site is solely and exclusively under his own responsibility.

The user undertakes to use this web site and its contents and services respecting current legislation, good faith, accepted practice and public order. In addition, use of this web site to illicit end or with intent to harm FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. or any third party is prohibited.

In use of this web site, the User undertakes not to behave in any way which might damage the image, interests and/or rights of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. and/or third parties or which might in any way hinder normal use of the web site.

FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. takes reasonably adequate security measures to detect the existence of viruses. However, the User must be aware that security measures of computing systems in Internet are not completely reliable and that FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. cannot therefore guarantee the non-existence of viruses or other elements which might cause alterations to the User's computer systems (software and hardware) or to the electronic documents and files contained therein.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights
All industrial and intellectual property rights and all the information contained in the web site (images, graphic design, source code, design, navigation structure, databases, and any other contents which may appear in it) are the exclusive property of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o.

These General Conditions do not imply the transfer of any industrial or intellectual property right of the web site or any of its component elements (images, graphic design, source code, design, navigation structure, databases, and any other contents which may appear in it) and the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, placement at the disposal of others, extraction, reuse, resending or use of any of them in any way by the User by any means or procedure is expressly prohibited, except for the cases in which it is legally permitted or has been expressly authorized in writing by the owner of the corresponding rights.

The user is only authorized to view and obtain a temporary private copy of the contents for his personal, private use on his computing systems (software and hardware) which must not then be transferred to third parties. With the foregoing exceptions, the user may not modify or reproduce this information in whole or in part without the express written permission of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. This includes but is not limited to these cases:

1) The user is not authorized to use the information contained on the web site with the purpose of carrying on activities of a commercial or professional nature (direct sale or with any other kind of commercial purpose as well as to sell this information in any way);

2) The user is not authorized to remove, evade or manipulate the copyright symbol or other indicators of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. rights or any other protective mechanisms.

4) The user is not authorized to disassemble, decompile or invert the databases in which the web site's information is stored.

All the web site's information is protected under copyright. Unauthorized use or resale of the information this web site contains or prejudice to the industrial or intellectual property rights of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. will give rise to the legally established liabilities.

The trademarks (distinctive signs and logos) on the web site are the exclusive property of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. and are duly registered or in the process of being registered. Those of other Products, Services and Companies appearing in this document or on the web site may be trademarks or other distinctive signs registered by their respective legitimate owners.

Exclusion from guarantees and liability
FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. is not liable for damages arising from use of the contents of its web site. Specifically, FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. does not accept responsibility for the contents or the condition of the links on this web site which might lead users to other web sites and pages managed by third parties. FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. accepts no responsibility for the contents or condition of said web sites and pages. Neither does access to them from this web site imply that FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. recommends or approves their contents.

Agbar accepts no responsibility for failings of its server centre nor for communications networks nor for the problems caused by browser malfunction or the use of non-optimal versions of browsers.

Access to the web site and use made of the information it contains are both the exclusive responsibility of whoever does so. FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. shall not be responsible for any consequence or damage arising from said access or use of information. FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. does not accept liability for any security errors which might arise nor for any damage that may be caused to the user's computing system (hardware and software) or to the files or documents stored in it caused by the presence of viruses in the user's computer used for connection to the web site's services and contents, browser malfunction or the use of out-of-date browser versions.

Hyperlinks and Linked web sites
The User and any legal or natural person in general who wishes to place a hyperlink or technical link device (e.g. Links or buttons) from their web site to the web site of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. must obtain the prior permission in writing of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o.

Establishment of the hyperlink does not under any circumstances imply the existence of a relationship between FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. and the owner of the web site or page containing the hyperlink, nor the acceptance or approval of its contents or services by FORTUNA YUH s.r.o.

FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. reserves the right under all circumstances to prohibit or disable any hyperlink to its web site, especially in cases of presumed illicitness of the activity or contents of the web site containing the hyperlink.

Hyperlinks or technical link devices (e.g. links or buttons) allowing the user access to Internet portals or sites belonging to or managed by third parties (linked sites) are placed at the disposal of the user on the web site of FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. solely for the search for and access to information, contents and services available in Internet.

FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. does not itself and/or through third parties offer or sell the information, contents and services available on linked sites, nor does it approve, supervise or in any way control the contents and services or any other material of any kind existing on them and the User exclusively takes all responsibility for visiting them.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction
These General Conditions shall be governed by Czech legislation.

FORTUNA YUH s.r.o. and the User, expressly renouncing any other court that might correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Prague to resolve any disputes that may arise or actions that may be brought arising from the web site and its services and contents or from the interpretation or application of or compliance or non-compliance with the contents of this document.